About the author!

Journey with Joey as she tackles life’s hurdles, from street challenges to boardroom battles. It’s more than just a novel; it’s a beacon of hope. Unearth the strength within Joey’s story and discover how perseverance and self-belief can alter destinies.

Joey is a distinguished motivational speaker, seasoned business leader, dedicated mentor, and insightful consulting coach, renowned for guiding individuals past their apprehensions and empowering them to transform their lives. Her strategic leadership skills and exceptional ability to visualize, plan, and deliver solutions have become her trademarks.

Her straightforward approach, combined with her fiery spirit, has garnered her a reputation not just in the gritty neighborhoods where she was raised, but also within the walls of corporate America where she frequently challenges the conventional norms.

Deeply committed to her community, Joey has made giving back a central part of her life, consistently inspiring others to do the same. She regularly volunteers and donates resources to organizations that extend support to underprivileged youth and women in distress.

With a dynamic 25-year career span in Corporate America, Joey has filled diverse roles in leadership and specialty coaching. She has led teams across various states including Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Florida. Her career trajectory took off in banking where, as an intern, she swiftly distinguished herself as a top performer, courtesy of her powerful work ethic and unyielding determination.

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Joey received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Banking from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She also possesses professional certifications in personal coaching and disaster management.