Why write a book about my life?

Joey hopes to inspire others who have gone through similar experiences in overcoming adversity.

What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

Joey’s goal is to inspire readers and leave a positive impact on their lives. “Life is not perfect for everyone, we all have challenges.”

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When creating the logo, Joey aimed for a design that was both simple and distinct, encapsulating her personal brand and feisty personality.

“We were survivors, all of us kids,” Joey recanted. “Any kid that lived on my block knew predators were always lurking. So, we grew up fast. The ones that didn’t – well, they were preyed upon.”

A snippet from the book…

Joey’s journey didn’t begin or end here. She was destined for greatness. Even as a young girl making her way through the streets of South Omaha, Nebraska, she knew she was special. She had that it quality — confidence, swagger, moxie, and a fiery spark that only Latinas like her possess.

Perhaps, it was her childhood growing up in poverty. Perhaps, it was growing up Chicana. Perhaps, it was just in her DNA. South Omaha girls’ hearts like hers will always remain in the place of their roots.

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